Suikoden II Walkthrough (Simplified Checklist)

Suikoden II Walkthrough (Simplified Checklist)
July 01, 2020

We all know Suikoden II (Suikoden 2) is a great game and by far my favorite game across all genres and all consoles. The story is one of the best stories ever written and, in spite of its bugs and mistranslations, it remains after all these years a masterpiece. Without a Suikoden II walkthrough, however, you are almost guaranteed to miss out on some characters, collectibles, or other unique items. For, you see, some of Suikoden II’s bugs are unforgiving.

Suikoden II Recruitment Guide

One of the main challenges is to recruit all 108 Stars of Destiny (SoD) in Suikoden II before a certain event in the game. While it is not the hardest part and bugs will not hinder your progression in any way, it is necessary to recruit them all in order to get the best ending of the game. This guide will help you get all recruitable characters, choosing Feather and Siegfried over Abizboah, and Valeria over Kasumi. However, you are free to choose your own way! It will also walk you through Clive’s Quest and flag any of the events related to him.

Recipes and Cooking Contests

When playing Suikoden 2, I love collecting all the goodies available for your HQ (North Window Castle). It’s fun to see the castle grow and become more and more magnificent as you progress through the game and recruit more characters. These goodies include vegetables, recipes, spices, sound sets, window sets, old books, and many other items to collect all over the world of Suikoden. And this is where things get tricky. Some of the recipes become unavailable due to some bugs in the code. There are ways around it, fortunately, but you have to be careful. That’s why we have this Suikoden 2 walkthrough!

Suikoden 2 Recipe 34
Recipe #34 is notorious for being hard to find

Personal Choices

A comprehensive walkthrough of Suikoden II would be VERY lengthy as there are many alternatives to the list I am about to present. My recommendation: play the game a few times on your own and enjoy it. The game is not difficult, you should enjoy it as you would a book. Or a series. Once you have a good feeling of the game and want to get a perfect file, this checklist is fine, as it does not hold your hand through each and every step. Also, it won’t spoil any over of the twists. Some choices I made:

  • Use of the Matilda Glitch
  • Valeria over Kasumi
  • Feather and Siegfried over Abizboah
  • I ignored Richmond’s investigations
  • No max-leveling
  • Upload a perfect file (with 108 Stars of Destiny) from Suikoden I

When playing for a perfect file, I also ignore Clive’s Quest. It’s nice to see it once, but I don’t like the time pressure and there is no reward for seeing it through. Either way, here is your list for you to print out and tick as you play the game!



  • Start the game as Riou (#1)
  • Ryube: check the Item and Armor shop inventories
  • North Sparrow Path Treasures: Fire Wall, Escape Talisman, Brass Armor, Feathered Hat
  • Farm Double-Beat Runes from Cut Rabbits (optional)
  • Kyaro: check the Item shop inventory
  • Recruit Mukumuku (#2)
  • Recruit Nanami (#3)
  • Take one of the three vases at home
  • Take Old Book Vol.1 (? book) from the shelves at home

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