Suikoden 2 checklist: collectibles and missables

Suikoden 2 checklist: collectibles and missables
May 12, 2020

Update May 2020: I completely reworked the Suikoden 2 collectible checklist. The descriptions are clearer, the layout nicer and it all fits in 2 pages! I also corrected some typos, mainly names.

Konami’s 1998 masterpiece Suikoden II is the RPG that gives me the warmest feeling of nostalgia. Decades later, it still feels great playing the game (available on the PS Store for PS3 and PS Vita for hardly any money) – some of the best 2D graphics we’ll ever have, a fun fighting system and, more than anything else, an unmatched story with the greatest characterization you’ll ever see. And many collectibles, so many collectibles that you will need a checklist. Here it is: the Suikoden collectible checklist!

In comparison, House of Cards is a kindergarten with a bunch of amateurs. Suikoden 2 approaches family, friendship, death, vengeance, treason, sacrifice. hope, and despair. Yes, it may look like a naive manga, but make no mistake, this game will sear into your heart and your memory.

Collect wisely with your Suikoden 2 checklist

Anyway, it’s my favorite game, it’s many people’s best game ever. No need to argue there, this is a subjective opinion and not the point of this post. No, why we’re here today, is to find a way to collect all the extra goodies. Vegetable, animals, recipes, and other hammers. The thing is, it can be VERY tricky. A few of these are missable (no biggie – if they are, they are mentioned as such in the Suikoden 2 checklist) but the real catch 22, is that the 40 recipes you can collect are buggy. You can still get around it and collect everything but you need to plan carefully. There are many guides and walkthroughs for all the other aspects of the game: story, recruiting, boss fights, battle strategies,… – my favorite one  is Aardwolf_Zy.

The notorious Recipe #34

This checklist includes:

  • Old books (12)
  • Seeds (12)
  • Cattle (13)
  • Hammers (4)
  • Deity plans (16)
  • Sound sets (7)
  • Window sets (7)
  • Recipes (40)

Just remember not to hand in Recipe #12, Recipe #21, Recipe #29, Recipe #34, and Recipe #36 until you actually have them all together. You CAN store them with Barbara (at least on the PAL version – tested on French PS1 disc and English EU download on PS Store). For a perfect file, you also need to have a file from Suikoden I with 108 stars, saved at the final save point in Gregminster. This is a requirement to obtain Recipe #39.

For all the other items, here is your Suikoden 2 checklist for you to print and track the progress of your acquisitions:


Have fun and happy hunting!

Picture: Konami

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