Joséphine, Ange Gardien – a series under divine protection

Joséphine, Ange Gardien – a series under divine protection
February 22, 2016

She’s only 4.3 ft. yet she is one of the most prominent TV personalities in France. 58-year-old actress Mimie Mathy has been on prime time on TF1 since 1997 four to twelve times a year! She is the lead characters of the Joséphine, Ange Gardien series, in which she playsa guardian angel. The ingredients of each episode of this televisual recipe for success are always the same: Joséphine has 90 minutes to help fulfil her mission and help her “client”. Sent from above, she uses some sort of divine magic, but essentially kindness, persuasion, psychology, and  a dash of boldness to lend a hand to the person she is meant to help.


Though slightly naive in appearance, the topics approached in the series are often deeper than they seem at first glance. Illiteracy, racism, gender segregation, bullying, poverty – it’s mostly around a societal issue.

In the end, Joséphine embodies some sort of Disney à la française – she is the fairy godmother you need when you’re overwhelmed with the lemons life throws at you.

And it’s just as successful as a Disney movie! Joséphine has been one of the longest running series (in the 90-minute format). Her character is inspiring and endearing. A subtle mix of bitter humour and tenderness. And most importantly, the proof that the good guys can win too, and still be cool.

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