Budni got rid of plastic bags. Thank you!

January 05, 2015

One step forward for the environment! Too few of us are aware of the devastating impact plastic waste has on the oceans and nature in general. Plastic bags rank high as a polluting factor, especially given that they can easily be replaced by reusable bags.

Have you seen the Plastic Garbage Project in Zurich? It’s a moving scene that will (hopefully) make think twice about your consuming habits. I was very touched by it.

It’s bad enough that plastic is surrounding us with multiple packaging for any given item in a store, but those small plastic bag that only fit two bottles of shampoo drove me mad. Can’t you carry things yourself or bring your own linen bag?

And so, early December, the drugstore Budnikowski announced they would stop handing out these tiny plastic bags. The stand that used to hold them has a poster explaining the consequences plastic has on water and why we should refrain from over-consuming it.

It’s a small thing for Budni, but given the amount of stores they have in Hamburg and all over Germany, this really is a good thing they stopped distributing (useless) plastic bags. Danke schön!

Picture: Wikimedia Commons

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