The French have a new obsession and you’ll never guess what it is

June 17, 2014

The French do all sorts of weird things. This post is not an umpteenth list of the usual clichés we all know – I don’t think the Internet needs that. Now, as sunny weather can be expected every day, strikes are on order (June is one of the months with most strikes in France – statistically) however those can be stressful. And that’s where the new hobby the French have found them plays its part.I noticed it first while browsing the best-sellers on Among the usual Mussos and Levis, an oddity ranked in the top 20. And an another one a few ranks further down. Those two books were no less than colouring books. Yes, the ones we had in kindergarten, those challenging let’s-not-colour-beyond-the-line booklets. But for grown-ups. Well, French grown-ups for all I know.

Couloring book

A few weeks later, the newly found past-time was mentioned in a few newspapers and some radio shows. “Elaborated, artistically-elevating  frescoes, full of tiny details waiting for your wannabee artistic inspirations.” The purpose of course is noble – relieving stress accumulated over the numerous years between primary school and 2014. Unless you want to colour Dora’s latest adventures, you should budget €10.00 to €20.00 for one of those recreational books.

Picture: flickr

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