How to order Glühwein (and so much more) in Hamburg

December 01, 2014

Winter’s finally here in Hamburg! Cold, grey, windy and foggy, this winter is starting late but harsh. Fortunately, the numerous Christmas markets, disseminated across the Hanseatic City, help us make it through the winter and put us in a joyful Christmas mood.

So wherever you happen to be right now, you should look into spending a few days in Hamburg; our Christmas market (Weihnachtsmarkt) is the best one you could hope for and you’ve got to admit it’s a nice break during your Christmas shopping spree. A quick cup of Glühwein and you’re back on tracks!

So here’s your quick guide to ordering the right things at the stands you’ll find there.

  • Glühwein: mulled wine
  • Weißer Glühwein: mulled wine prepared with white wine. Not everybody likes red wine, right?
  • Mit Schuss: with a shot of liquor. Usually amaretto or rum, it’s a nice extra to your mulled wine.
  • Alkoholfrei: without alcohol. All stands have alcohol-free warm beverages.
  • Pfand: pawn – this is the reason why the price you pay is higher than the one displayed. You’ll get the difference back if you bring back your cup(s) to the right stand, granted that they are still intact.
  • Heiße Schokolade: hot chocolate. Also available with a shot – I recommend amaretto or mint liquor.

Right, I think we’re good with drinks, if you happen to be tempted by something to eat afterwards (these Glühweins will get you tipsy fast) here’s a few tips:

  • Wurst: sausage (a classic)
  • Brötchen: bread roll, to hold the above-mentioned sausage
  • Senf: mustard
  • Kartoffelpuffer: potato crusty cake (savory)
  • Fladenbrot: thick white bread, ideal if you want to eat properly. It’s so thick it’ll sponge up any sauce or fat you put in without staining your fingers!

Enjoy your stay in hamburg and don’t hesitate to try new things! The Christmas market people are very friendly and usually happy to talk to you in English if you’re a bit unsure of your German.

Image : Marc Wellekötter – Flickr

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