10 reasons to love Hamburg

10 reasons to love Hamburg
January 09, 2015

Welcome to Hamburg! You might not be here right now, but after reading this blog post, you’ll be packing up for a one-way trip to Hamburg, Germany! Or at least a nice weekend in the Hanseatic city.

1. Planten un Blomen – Hamburg is green

Source: Wikimedia

Planten un Blomen is one of the main gardens of Hamburg, but there are many more for all the nature lovers out there. Whether you are looking to relax, a place where you can enjoy flowers or just a sport to jog, Hamburg has it!

2. The Alster Lake – Hamburg is full of water

Source: Wikimedia

Have you ever seen a city with a lake of over 1,5 km² in its city center? Hamburg has it! And many rivers, canals and even beaches for you to enjoy the water. Rumor has it, Hamburg has more bridges than Venice and Amsterdam together!

3. The fish market –  Hamburg is an early bird

Source: Wikimedia

On Sunday morning, whether you just out of a club or very early out of bed, you can enjoy the fish market along the Elbe river from 5 a.m. on. How about a fresh Fischbrötchen?

4. Reeperbahn – Hamburg is sexy

Source: Wikimedia

After sunset, all the unspeakable dreams and desires come true in the red light district of Reeperbahn. Music, food, booze, sex, drugs – all sorts of fun can be found out there.

5. Altona – Hamburg is liberal

Source: Wikimedia

Located in the western area of Hamburg, Altona was part of Danish independent city and remained autonomous until it became part of Hamburg in 1938. To this day, Altona is famous for being a hub of emancipation, tolerance and a heaven of peace for all people, regardless of their origins, color, language or religion.

6. Europa Passage –  Hamburg loves shopping

Source: Flickr

All shopping aficionados should rush to Hamburg. Plenty of shops from Neuer Wall to Mönckebergstraße through the glamorous Europa Passage.

7. Business – Hamburg is a global business player


With an international crowd from all over the world and a dynamic startup scene, Hamburg is full of professional opportunities and locations to enlarge your network.

8. Olympic Games – Hamburg is a serious candidate for 2024

Source: texample

Game on! Hamburg is a highly motivated candidate to become the host city of the Oly pic Games 2024. Press, companies and individuals have shown initiative to support their beloved city. Say “Jo!” for Hamburg!

9. The Beatles – Hamburg was the band’s HQ

Source: Wikimedia

In the early 60s, the Beatles performed in several bars in Hamburg. That’s where they were first noticed before being projected to stardom.

10. Social Media Week – Hamburg is social

Source: Flickr

Hamburg is very dynamic on the social media scene as well. The Social Media Week is a hot event in the city, with speakers and attendees from all over the world.

Do you want to read more about Hamburg, its culture, its inhabitants, and its assets? Then I invite you to check out John Heaven’s Why Hamburg? page for a good read.

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