The Modomoto Experience

June 04, 2013

Among the numerous start-ups flourishing all over Germany (which makes me think is a bit like the Silicon Valley of Europe, but that’s just a personal thought) I came across a website called Modomoto which concept was simple yet new online as far as I could tell. Corinna Powalla‘s company offers the services of what one could call a personal shopper.

An idea that is most certainly not one that has not been exploited in the past, yet it’s the first time I have ever seen anything like this on the WWW. After a few days of contemplation, I thought I just HAD to try it out and see how it works.

The Groundwork

Registering is very fast and easy, hell you can even do it via Facebook, and the fun starts straight away. You give information about your shopping habits, budget, likes, dislikes and style in a couple of pages in a very pleasant way. It barely took me more than five minutes. Then you simply upload a couple of pictures of yourself and set a final budget (i.e. €500,00 for the complete shopping spree) and that’s it. No credit card details, no shipping fee – it’s like Christmas!

And it actually does feel a lot like Christmas; within a week you will be sent your parcel and you don’t actually know what you should expect.


The Delivery

My husband and I received our separate parcels on the same day. We had to wait all afternoon until we could meet to discover what we were treated with and compare. And the fun was up to our expectations – it felt like a party. Seriously.

The packaging is really high-end: a nice little suitcase and inside, two well-chosen sets, tight with lovely ribbons and – now that’s top marketing and customer care – a HAND-WRITTEN card, from my shopper, with my name, etc. When was the last time I read something hand-written from anything else than a postcard?! They do know how to score points.

The Outfits

The outfit themselves were a lot like what I would wear. I actually was wearing one of the trousers they sent me in a lighter colour on that day! But due to my weird legs, the trousers sent did not fit (I did not expect them to fit. I usually need to try 20 pairs before I find some good-ish ones).

The t-shirts, shirts, jumpers all fit very well. And both shirts were really beautiful, of exquisite quality, just a bit too expensive for my wallet (hey, my own fault, they asked me how much I was ready to spend on a shirt and they respected the criteria).

Speaking of which, the total cost €492,00 which was exactly what I asked for (max. €500,00).

In a nutshell the experience was very conclusive. I had a lot of fun, the Modomoto team is very professional and friendly and the garments they sent were perfectly picked out. I would definitely recommend it to men who are not so keen on shopping. I spend too much time hopping from store to store, the service, albeit outstanding, is not one for me. At least not for now 🙂 Kudos and good luck with your business!



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