My favourite dictionaries – part 3: Spanish-French

My favourite dictionaries – part 3: Spanish-French
October 10, 2012

Ok, this is the last part of the series – then you’re off the hook 😉

Spanish is my fourth language and I don’t use it that much. I don’t translate from Spanish and I’ve been 4 days in Spain in my whole life. Nevertheless, I really enjoy learning it, or rather practice it at this point.

My main source it WordReference –  it’s very complete with many forum threads to make up for the lacking translations. I find almost everything I need there.

I like’s Spanish-French dictionary a lot, for when I started in March 2011, the dictionary was one of the smallest one we had. Consequently, I had the opportunity to work a lot on it, adding thousands of new entries, sentences and examples. It still may not be the largest database there is out there, but I know it’s reliable content and one day, it’ll be the biggest resource there is 🙂

I recently discovered and, while I can’t tell for sure yet, it seems to be a good source. By all means pleasant to use and rather convenient from a user perspective.

I still hate Larousse.

And that’s about it, the Real Academia Española is like a bible as far as dictionaries go as well, but only monolingual. Still very handy to know of.

Done and dusted! Until I start learning a new language, I should not speak of my dictionaries anymore 🙂

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