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To the Danish-most district of Hamburg!

2 years and 2 months after moving to Hamburg, we are finally moving to the “hip” side of the Alster lake, the West side. And no less than Altona-Ottensen, not too shabby! Altona was formerly Danish territory and still bears … Continue reading

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La mémoire des murs by Tatiana de Rosnay

Another novel from de Rosnay. My local librarian must have taken a liking to her, most of her books are available there. Although, I must say I don’t mind at all, she is a very good writer after all.

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Did Desperate Housewives’ credits need localisation?

As I was paying attention the opening credits of the uplifted American soap series, I realised it was a bit more than just a succession of animated classical paintings. For those who don’t know the credits, take some more or … Continue reading

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The post that won’t be a post

This is somewhat embarrassing. I was about to write about Love over Scotland  and how much I enjoyed Alexander McCall Smith’s series when I realised upon doing some research that I read volume 3 after volume 1 and skipped Espresso Tales. … Continue reading

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