Which Final Fantasy game has the most boss fights?

Which Final Fantasy game has the most boss fights?
July 31, 2016

Final Fantasy games have a lot of boss fights – that’s why we love these games. Nothing beats a good challenge full of hp. But over the years and the multiple entries in the Final fantasy series, which opus has had the most bosses?

Here’s the answer in our top 10 – sharpen your weapons and gear up your characters, you’re in for a long read!

10 – Final Fantasy (14 bosses)


Not much of surprise here – the first entry in the series was on NES and it laid the groundworks. 14 boss fights is a decent amount for our number 10 entry still!

9 – Final Fantasy II/Final Fantasy XIII (29 bosses)


The two black sheep of the series (from what I read online, I actually like them both)

FF2 had a bad-ass emperor who was too evil for hell itself. FF13 has a nice cast of characters – I loved the Vanille/Fang tandem but very few fights for a PlayStation 3 game. Truth is, I can’t really recall any memorable boss fights.


8 – Final Fantasy III (31 bosses)

I’m really not a big fan of FF3 – can’t really say anything nice about it. The job system was boring, the characters quite blend and I hate the goofy DS style. Whatever. 31 bosses. Final boss looks wicked.


7 – Final Fantasy IV/Final Fatasy VII (39 bosses)

Right, last tie in this ranking – promise! I was quite surprised to see so few bosses in FF7 while counting, I remembered the game to have a lot more fights.


FF4 is great game, but damn hard. It’s a classic hardcore RPG.


FF7 and Sephiroth. I don’t get the whole craze. Good game overall though.

6 – Final Fantasy IX (42 bosses)

My favorite FF! I can’t stop playing it, my favorite game after the Suikoden series. it’s beautiful, it’s fantastic, it has unreal characters and a great fighting system. Perfection and a decent amount of boss fights.


Ozma is a real toughie….

5 – Final Fantasy VIII (45 bosses)

Once upon a time, the press and gamers hated FF8 because it was… a love story. No idea why, it’s a great story and a great motivation to make it throough high school to enter a Garden. I mean university. Edea is a pretty kick-ass villainess and I think it’s the last FF to feature a female final boss to date.


4 – Final Fantasy X (47 bosses)

Ugh I really did not like my first playthrough of this game. I guess it was too far from the 9th game. I recently played it again and I must confess I had judged it a bit harshly. Anyway, plenty of bosses in there, especially with the aeons.


Best Shiva we’ve ever had…

3 – Final Fantasy VI (49 bosses)

Well, well, looks like we’re getting to the end of this ranking! FF6 has a lot of boss fights, with 8 dragons, many optional bosses and it’s a great game altogether. I mean, it’s the one where you failed to save the world…


2 – Final Fantasy XII (52 bosses)

I first had it listed as number one, because one could argue that each hunt is a boss fight in itself. But it felt rather unfair and many of these fights are underwhelming. I mean, Rogue Tomato?

Still, FF12 has a whole bunch of optional fights, devilish espers to defeat and the hunt with 50 million HP… Nope, I did not bother :p


1 – Final Fantasy V (54 bosses)

Yep, that’s one with most boss fights! Did not think so either, but with three worlds, many summons to beat and optional bosses roaming in the final dungeon… Oh yeah, and Gilgamesh adds a few boss fights!


Not my favorite game, but still a good one to play through.

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