New language mission: learning Italian!

August 30, 2014

Summer is slowly bidding farewell for this year, the days are getting shorter and the temperature is dropping. Time to find some indoor activity for the cold months!So I decided to add a new language to my range of skills: Italian.

To be fair it’s the easy choice, knowing Spanish and French obviously helps a great deal. Still it’s a beautiful language to learn and there are some difficulties (a language that is very similar to a known one is the perfect recipe for a great mix-up!)

We’ll see how that goes. I just started learning it using Duolingo which I find to be a great tool. I used it to complete French, English, German and Spanish and it was fun & educational. What more can you hope for?

By the way you can follow me there and I’d be happy to follow you back. If you need a good English-Italian dictionary you can also try That’s where I go when I forget a word 😉

So I’m currently at level 6 with Italian, let’s hope I make it all the way!

Next languages on Duolingo: Irish, Danish, Dutch!


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