Have you met Bosley yet?

May 20, 2014

There is quite a lot bilingual literature out there, however bilingual children’s books are still a rather niche market. There are not many of them available and many are for children who can already read independently. Bosley the Language Bear is designed for younger children to learn a second language easily with a smooth introduction to new words, sentence structure and pronunciation.


I really liked the cute illustrations and the story itself which was innocent (it’s for children after all!) without being naive. A nice tale about communication, tolerance and friendship. And Bosley’s trying to understand the language of the other animals – nice parallel.

The key woWordsrds are highlighted in different colors to facilitate the assimilation of key words without any confusion, which is especially relevant when more than one word is highlighted.

Not all the words are highlighted though, it would make it difficult to read through the story. Only key words are, so that learning remains fun and punctual.

listFinally the last page has a recap of all the words used in the story that deserve attention. A nice tool for the parents to monitor progress and recap the learned words.

I would definitely recommend the book to the parents I know. The books are also available in several language combinations (English-French/German/Spanish/Russian and many more)

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