Opal day!

June 19, 2011

Yesterday was one great day. I found Opal sweets in a drugstore in Hamburg. That sounds like uninteresting fact, but actually Opal sweets are harder to find than you would think.

Opal are liquorice sweets manufactured by the Icelandic company Nói Síríus, a candy manufacturer that really should be breaking in the European market. I cannot really tell what makes Opal sweet so exquisite. They are slightly salty, exalt a very strong flavour and have a really fun packaging.

Strangely enough, Opal are called Obal here, which is a shame because it sounds a lot more doppy than its original name. A translation mystery?

On the other hand it is quite inappropriate to call opal a black sweet.

At any rate, this was a very nice way for me to celebrate the day after Iceland’s National Day – with a black tongue.

For the anecdote, Opal used to have a light blue and white version of their Opal, which contained… Opium! Needless to explain why this one is no longer on the market.

Credit picture: Gudlín

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