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Guide de traduction pour le marché de Noël à Hambourg

Tweet Neige, vent, glace, grêle, froid, grisaille ! Youpi, l’hiver arrive ! Et le meilleur moyen de fuir la dépression hivernale quand on a pas les moyens (ou l’envie) de s’exiler à Avoriaz est

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Swedish is on Duolingo!

It’s still on beta but it is now available as one of the 9 languages you can learn on the language learning platform.

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Alundra – the game in which hardly anyone survives

I just finished playing Alundra again, a Zelda-like classic released on PSX in 1997. It’s a pretty fun game, developed in a very similar way Landstalker on Megadrive was (I just read it was the same development team) The main … Continue reading

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