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Suikoden II collectibles checklist

Tweet Konami’s 1998 masterpiece Suikoden II is the RPG that gives me the warmest feeling of nostalgia. Decades later, it still feels great playing the game (available on the PS Store for PS3 and PS Vita for hardly any money) … Continue reading

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What if translation did not matter?

Outrageous  – how could a trained translator write such a thing? Of course I want to believe that translation is a noble profession that deserves high salaries and great respect. Unfortunately, sometimes, translation might not matter so much. The case … Continue reading

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15 years later: still playing Final Fantasy VII

Tweet Boy do I feel old writing FFVII was released 15 years ago. I remember watching a review on TV and I feel like it’s not so long ago. Clearly I’m mistaken. When I first got to play it, I … Continue reading

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Suikoden – “fanily” gives new life to forsaken game series

Konami’s RPG series Suikoden is on the verge of being history. Between 1995 and 2006, the series did not reach enough sales to make it to the best-sellers, however it did gather a die-hard fan base that still actively supports … Continue reading

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Localising accents without voice acting

Most members of Final Fantasy IX’s Tantalus Theater Group speak with a specific way. They have their own accents, speech habits and sometimes dialects. When localising a video game for the European region, it mainly needs to be translated in … Continue reading

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