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Marketing Attribution – what does it mean?

I just started a new job at AdTriba, a business-to-business software provider. It sure is a major change from the language environment I was in so far! AdTriba is specialized in marketing attribution. Rather complex topic from the outside, but not … Continue reading

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The importance of intuitive gameplay

Megadrive’s Phantasy Star IV: The End of the Millennium was my very first role-playing game (RPG). That was back in 1995 and I was 9. As it turns out I still have the original game and I just played it … Continue reading

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Cursing in Spanish is ladylike!

As an alternative to moving to Spain to learn Spanish, I exported my own little Spanish/American neighbourhood  – the idealistic, though dangerous, Wisteria Lane of Mujeres Desesperadas. How nice it is to switch language on a DVD in a second, with … Continue reading

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What if translation did not matter?

Outrageous  – how could a trained translator write such a thing? Of course I want to believe that translation is a noble profession that deserves high salaries and great respect. Unfortunately, sometimes, translation might not matter so much. The case … Continue reading

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The Dübel Affair

Moving to Altona involved some heavy lifting (still recovering) and of course some DIY, which is not quite where my skills shine. I enjoy it, I’m just not cut for it, except that is, for the immeasurable chaos I create. … Continue reading

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