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Why not going to the library is a huge mistake – no matter how young you are

If you still believe that libraries are like dusty, old book warehouses, think again. Libraries also follow trends and the needs of their visitors, modernizing themselves as time goes by.

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Start-up cities in Germany

Tweet Germany is a very dynamic country when it comes to entrepreneurship and business. It is a very attractive country to anyone who wants to start a business, invest in a promising idea, or find a job in a young … Continue reading

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10 reasons to love Hamburg

Tweet Welcome to Hamburg! You might not be here right now, but after reading this blog post, you’ll be packing up for a one-way trip to Hamburg, Germany! Or at least a nice weekend in the Hanseatic city.

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Budni got rid of plastic bags. Thank you!

Tweet One step forward for the environment! Too few of us are aware of the devastating impact plastic waste has on the oceans and nature in general. Plastic bags rank high as a polluting factor, especially given that

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The Ikea City experience in Hamburg

The Swedish furniture store Ikea decided to penetrate city centers and implement outlets within cities. Ikea was so far only in the outskirts of major cities, only to be reached by car. So on Day 2 after the opening, I … Continue reading

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To the Danish-most district of Hamburg!

2 years and 2 months after moving to Hamburg, we are finally moving to the “hip” side of the Alster lake, the West side. And no less than Altona-Ottensen, not too shabby! Altona was formerly Danish territory and still bears … Continue reading

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