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The French have a new obsession and you’ll never guess what it is

Tweet The French do all sorts of weird things. This post is not an umpteenth list of the usual clichés we all know – I don’t think the Internet needs that. Now, as sunny weather can be expected every day, … Continue reading

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Grandia II – half as good as the first one

Tweet One of the very few RPGs I’ve ever played on PS2 – after the luxurious choice the PSOne had to offer, the PS2 was quite a let-down. But that’s not the point of this article. So I played Grandia … Continue reading

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Complètement cramé ! by Gilles Legardinier

Tweet Apparently, Legardinier has become the latest it-writer over the past few years. His breakthrough novel Demain j’arrête met some warm reception and the author’s following novels gained in popularity each year. Complètement cramé is not the latest title released. … Continue reading

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