Language guide for the 2014 World Cup

Football time! Or should we say soccer? Either way the FIFA World Cup 2014 is about to start and it’s in Brazil this year. So for those of you who feel like learning some Portuguese before the trip and mingling a bit with the Brazilians, you can use the English-Portuguese football guide, ideal for your trip to South America!

What will you find in there? Obviously some football-related terms, about tactics, rules, cheering, etc. Isn’t it ideal to comment and interact with other football fans? At least Brazilian ones (and God knows there are quite a few)

Furthermore, you will find all the essential information about finding accommodation, eating out, going to the hospital and any other convenient sentence you may need on the fly.

You can try to learn Portuguese pronunciation (at the beginning of the guide) or just show the sentence you mean to say.

The English-Portuguese football guide is here.

Let’s hope it’ll help you wait until the Language World Cup 2014



About John Barré

English & German into French translator. Interested in languages, literature, video games, localisation & translation - among many other topics.
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