Let’s learn Spanish in Madrid!

In just about a month, I’m flying to Madrid for a nice two-week holiday. Sounds very boring, but no, it’s not a Benidorm holiday, for there is no beach, no extreme heat (the temperatures in March are around 15 degrees Celsius and there is a lot more to do than tan all day long, 8 hours a day.

What makes this holiday special is that it will be an immersion into the Spanish culture. For two weeks, we shall be Madrilenians. Here’s the programme of our trip:

  • Spanish classes, four hours, five times a day
  • A two-room piso in the heart of the city
  • Siesta after the classes in the early afternoon
  • Run through the Parque del Retiro to – finally – get rid of the Christmas overweight
  • Tapas and cañas, at home or in the bustling streets
  • Spanish books without a €30.00 shipping fee

Exciting, right? It was a lot easier to organise than I had thought. There are plenty of language schools in Madrid, affordable apartments and flights were rather easy to find as well. I’m looking forward to experience Madrid in a more in-depth fashion than during my first visit.

Let’s reach that B2 level!

Picture: Wikipedia Commons, Jorge6880



About John Barré

English & German into French translator. Interested in languages, literature, video games, localisation & translation - among many other topics.
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