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What on earth is fluency?

Right, as I was browsing through job opportunities a couple of days ago, I noticed that many required fluency in one or several languages. What puzzles me is that fluency is a very vague word in term of knowledge. What … Continue reading

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Opal day!

Tweet Yesterday was one great day. I found Opal sweets in a drugstore in Hamburg. That sounds like uninteresting fact, but actually Opal sweets are harder to find than you would think. Opal are liquorice sweets manufactured by the Icelandic company … Continue reading

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David Lodge’s Home Truths

Ah, dear, dear Mr. David Lodge, should you read this blog post, know that you have become on of my favourite authors, although it did not start under the best circumstances. I first heard -and read -of David Lodge with … Continue reading

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8 months in Hamburg!

Well, 8 months is not really an anniversary people tend to celebrate, but this one is worth mentioning. Anyone who’s tried to learn German knows it is NOT an easy language. It’s even pretty hard, I think most would agree … Continue reading

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Valérie Saubade’s Happy Birthday, Grand-Mère

Out of three books I rented out from Hamburg’s Main Library last week, two turned out to be dissapointing, to the point that I did not finish reading them. However, I will not slaughter those books for two reasons. First, … Continue reading

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