Ces petits mots russes du quotidien

En revenant de France après les fêtes de fin d’année, je me suis fait plaisir en ramenant un petit fascicule pour apprendre le russe en vacances. Continue reading

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My European heritage – where does John come from?

It’s the typical conversation we all have over the non-stop eating days of the Christmas season: family. Any news from cousin thingy? Does aunt whatsherface have children now? It’s a convenient filler between two dishes and, most of the time, talking about the family members who did not come to your Christmas party is a safe topic. It brings little arguing and we all have something to say about everyone. Continue reading

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10 reasons to love Hamburg

Welcome to Hamburg! You might not be here right now, but after reading this blog post, you’ll be packing up for a one-way trip to Hamburg, Germany! Or at least a nice weekend in the Hanseatic city. Continue reading

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Budni got rid of plastic bags. Thank you!

One step forward for the environment! Too few of us are aware of the devastating impact plastic waste has on the oceans and nature in general. Plastic bags rank high as a polluting factor, especially given that Continue reading

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Comment Downton Abbey a commencé : les tribulations d’une cuisinière anglaise

Des bouquins pour les Fêtes, j’en ai eu une tripotée ! Je devrais avoir de quoi couvrir mon blog pour le premier trimestre 2015… Mais bon, comme j’étais en France et que c’est rare que j’ai accès à autant de livres de poche à la fois, je me suis Continue reading

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We love Thomas Raphaël! Le Bonheur Commence Maintenant.

Thomas Raphaël writes girly books. That’s what you’d think by looking at the book cover.  It is sort of true but his two books (La vie commence à 20:10 and Le bonheur commence maintenant) are the cutting-edge of what girly books can be. Mostly because there is so much more to them. Continue reading

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Language learning tool: Lernkrimi

Since I’ve been living in Germany, I’ve been working on learning German (very urgent) and Spanish (for fun). My local library has a lot of resources for languages (even for Slovak or Swahili!) and I ran into Continue reading

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