We love Thomas Raphaël! Le Bonheur Commence Maintenant.

Thomas Raphaël writes girly books. That’s what you’d think by looking at the book cover.  It is sort of true but his two books (La vie commence à 20:10 and Le bonheur commence maintenant) are the cutting-edge of what girly books can be. Mostly because there is so much more to them. Continue reading

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Language learning tool: Lernkrimi

Since I’ve been living in Germany, I’ve been working on learning German (very urgent) and Spanish (for fun). My local library has a lot of resources for languages (even for Slovak or Swahili!) and I ran into Continue reading

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How to order Glühwein (and so much more) in Hamburg

Winter’s finally here in Hamburg! Cold, grey, windy and foggy, this winter is starting late but harsh. Fortunately, the numerous Christmas markets, disseminated across the Hanseatic City, help us Continue reading

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Guide de traduction pour le marché de Noël à Hambourg

Neige, vent, glace, grêle, froid, grisaille ! Youpi, l’hiver arrive ! Et le meilleur moyen de fuir la dépression hivernale quand on a pas les moyens (ou l’envie) de s’exiler à Avoriaz est Continue reading

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Swedish is on Duolingo!

It’s still on beta but it is now available as one of the 9 languages you can learn on the language learning platform. Continue reading

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Alundra – the game in which hardly anyone survives

I just finished playing Alundra again, a Zelda-like classic released on PSX in 1997. It’s a pretty fun game, developed in a very similar way Landstalker on Megadrive was (I just read it was the same development team) The main difference with Zelda is that you can jump (!) and it actually makes the game a lot more fun in my opinion. Yet the main difference with the Zelda series is Continue reading

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The real Hallowe’en is in Germany

It’s dreadfully spooky. It makes you feel like you’ll never make it. It can take a whole day. It’s like torture but you cannot escape it. It’s every year in October in Germany. Continue reading

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