L’immeuble des femmes qui ont renoncé aux hommes – plein de bonnes idées mais…

J’ai découvert le livre de Karine Lambert un peu par hasard en navigant sur Amazon à la recherche d’un eBook pas trop cher. Jamais entendu parlé de L’immeuble des femmes qui ont renoncé aux hommes mais l’idée me plaisait bien, je me suis donc laissé tenter.

Le problème,  Continue reading

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New language mission: learning Italian!

Summer is slowly bidding farewell for this year, the days are getting shorter and the temperature is dropping. Time to find some indoor activity for the cold months! Continue reading

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Allez, à partir de maintenant aussi en français !

Comme je suis parfois (comprenez souvent) un peu feignasse, je laisse passer des idées de billets par ce que j’ai la flemme de les écrire en anglais ou simplement parce qu’ils ne concerneraient qu’un public francophone.

Du coup, je me suis décidé de lancer une page “En Français” où je pourrai laisser libre cours à mes envies de narration francophones. Évidemment, je devrais faire attention aux fautes, parce que bon c’est la honte et avec l’anglais j’ai ma sempiternelle excuse “mais c’est pas ma langue maternelle !”. Là, eh bien non, pas d’excuse. Allez, on pourra toujours accabler la fatigue au besoin.

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The Ikea City experience in Hamburg

The Swedish furniture store Ikea decided to penetrate city centers and implement outlets within cities. Ikea was so far only in the outskirts of major cities, only to be reached by car.

So on Day 2 after the opening, I decided to visit the very first one to open: Hamburg, Altona. And it’s actually different then all the Ikea stores I’ve visited so far! Continue reading

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The French have a new obsession and you’ll never guess what it is

The French do all sorts of weird things. This post is not an umpteenth list of the usual clichés we all know – I don’t think the Internet needs that. Now, as sunny weather can be expected every day, strikes are on order (June is one of the months with most strikes in France – statistically) however those can be stressful. And that’s where the new hobby the French have found them plays its part. Continue reading

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Grandia II – half as good as the first one

One of the very few RPGs I’ve ever played on PS2 – after the luxurious choice the PSOne had to offer, the PS2 was quite a let-down. But that’s not the point of this article. So I played Grandia II for the first time some ten years ago and I was Continue reading

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Complètement cramé ! by Gilles Legardinier

Apparently, Legardinier has become the latest it-writer over the past few years. His breakthrough novel Demain j’arrête met some warm reception and the author’s following novels gained in popularity each year. Complètement cramé is not the latest title released. I’m always lagging behind because Continue reading

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